This is me at my power workstation wearing my power suit. Notice how much sleeve I’m showing.
“Breakin’ Dishes” —RihannaThanks for reading All Realities Are Local! Subscribe for free to receive new posts and support my work. I spill things and…
My psychologist brother took issue with my (lack of) current knowledge regarding the effectiveness of current residential treatment for alcohol…
Habitability, Pt 2
Analogical and digital communication, pt 2
As I stated in my last post, Spaces, Christopher Alexander’s design ideal is to “design from within,” that is, grow your root space, using spacial…
“They talk of my drinking but never my thirst” —Scottish Proverb Prologue One of the essential things I’ve learned is choice is a distraction, and I use…
Analogical and digital communication, pt 1
Habitability, pt 1
The “good” internship
The “less-good” internship
(My previous web host was giving me trouble: messed up subscriptions and disappearing posts. Here are all four current posts. ) You don’t have to be…