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Resources to accompany A Personal Guide to a Career in the Mental Health Field, by Gary E. Bloom

Marriage and Family Therapists

  • During my research on counseling professions, Psychotherapy Notes is the only good MFT blog I found. California still dominates the MFT landscape, and that's this blog's focus. Ben Caldwell writes original material, provides links to resources, and sells his own books.
  • There are two large professional MFT organizations: The American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT), and the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (CAMFT). The AAMFT played a big role in getting the MFT license in all 50 states. Currently, it’s trying to stay relevant, but I don’t find it useful, any longer. (As of 2016, I did not renew my membership.) Obviously, if you’re outside California, CAMFT won’t be relevant.

Mental Health Counselors

Social Worker


  • David Allen writes the Family Dysfunction Blog. I don't agree with everything he writes, but he's thoughtful, intelligent, and respectful.
  • Maria Yang is the rare psychiatrist I'd have a beer with. She works in difficult environments and really cares.
  • Unfortunately, Chris Ballas isn't the last psychiatrist, he just writes the blog of the same name. He has a huge following, is incredibly brainy, but doesn't write that much about psychiatry. Mostly, he posts very long articles on narcissism (always interesting), thinly disguised libertarian opinions (less so), and long TV, movie, and book reviews (good, but if I wanted to that long a diversion, I'd read War and Peace).
  • If you want the conventional psychiatrists' side of the story: shrink wrap
  • The American Psychiatric Association.
  • NIMH President on Transforming diagnosis.
  • In bed with Big Pharma.
  • anti-psychiatry movement.

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How to Suck as a Counselor

The Psychotherapy of Doc Martin, by Dr. Rachel Timoney

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