Playing the Black Card

Undergoing classic psychoanalysis, these days, is a bit like owning an American Express Black Card. The "Black Card," (formally, the Centurion Card) is issued by invitation, only, and the lucky »

Counseling Supervision

Sophomoric supervision In my State of Washington, one of the requirements to become a qualified supervisor is 15 hours of supervision training. My wife, a clinical social worker with decades »

License and Practicum Laws

In 1975, musician Paul Simon famously gave us 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover. The song our collection of distinct health departments sing to aspiring counselors is 50 ways to »

Credentials — Grad School

Until about 60 years ago, the lone qualification to practice psychotherapy and counseling was to find a sign shop that could fix you up with a nice shingle. Bear in »

Counseling Professions Summary

Consider marriage and family, first, if you wish to work mostly with couples and families, or view problems, primarily, as conflicts between people. Consider professional counseling (often called mental health »

Psychiatrists — Explained

You've seen enough tv and movies to get the picture that psychiatrists are either psychoanalysts or serial killers. That's inaccurate: First, only a minority of psychiatrists »

Psychologists — Explained

Can a psychologist read your mind? Some people used to think so. I've been in close quarters with a few psychologists in my time, and they weren' »

Professional Counselors — Explained

“It's the same thing, only different.”_Daniel Herring The profession of mental health counseling came out of the soup of vocational counseling, school counseling, and other »

Social Workers — Explained

The late, George C. Scott, legendary actor, ex-Marine, and real-life brawler, once played one of the toughest characters ever seen on the screen. No, I don't mean that »

Marriage & Family Therapists — Explained

This is the first of many posts on how to become a counselor or psychotherapist. To start, I will cover each counseling profession, as recognized by state licensing. In my »