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Privacy on the Internet — an Essential Habit of Democracy

Privacy on the Internet - Pt 2, Apps & Services

My most recent essays look at how surveillance, by both government agencies and technology companies (Google, Facebook, etc), is the major threat to democracy.

The technical trials, of publishing my first book A Personal Guide to a Career in the Mental Health Field.

Softworlds, my oldest essay, is my favorite and, aside from a few broken links and allusions to people now less famous, I consider still current. My premise is that, unlike those future-oriented technologists and educators who believe that students should learn increasingly via computer simulations, I believe students should learn primarily by creating simulations.

The psychotherapy of Doc Martin, by Dr. Rachel Timoney, and Jailhouse Rock, a brief intervention. A couple of favorite essays from the appendices of my book.

Game of Mad Men: The Wholistic Guide to Coffee is my most read essay, a few years old, but most of the information is current.

So What If They're Laughing at Me. Six and half years in Aikido, a couple of years in karate, and the last ten in Tai Chi. I'm still not very good at martial arts, but it's fun and challenging.

I believe is The Apple Watch is going to be, for better and worse, another culture changer, about which I wrote four brief essays:

The Unexamined Life — Not for Long.

Heavy Hands, Light Watches.

Can Your Watch Change Your Wellbeing?

Unintended Consequences.