I'm Gary Bloom. I've been a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist since 1976, first in California and, currently, in the State of Washington LF00000896. I am a Child Mental Health Specialist, and as a state-qualified supervisor for counselors and therapists.

My Book

I wrote A Personal Guide to a Career in the Mental Health Field, available on Apple iBooks and Amazon Kindle.

My intention is to give those considering a career in the field a realistic view of what they're in for. It should also be of interest to those who work in one area of the mental health system who wish to learn about other areas. I believe it is unlike any other source of counseling and mental health system information.


Take any advice or knowledge, as well as that on sites I provide via links, lightly. For advice that I'm willing to back, you'll have to sign a contract and pay me money for services regulated by the State of Washington.

Supervision, Coaching, and Mentoring

I have trained in multiple modes of psychotherapy, however, my specialty is brief therapy. Brief therapy is not crisis intervention (see below*), it's a form of therapy that can enhance people's lives over the long term. Rather than focus on past problems, whether in childhood, or past and current relationships, I focus on solutions.

In addition to supervision of therapy, I am available for several forms of coaching and mentoring. Rather than on immediate concerns, mentoring is a focus on (typically vocational) goals, short and long term. I can assist counselors and psychotherapists in developing their clinical skills, students in making career decisions, and homeschooling families in making learning plans (my children were homeschooled until college, and both have college degrees and professional careers).

Contact me at gebloom@icloud.com

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